Community Solar projects continues to flourish across North America, yet Community Solar Providers face unprecedented challenges. To be competitive, CSSPs have to have a robust billing system that is capable of a very high degree of complexity and automation. In this paper, we discuss the operational challenges and components of a solution. 

Community Solar Paper

To handle the ongoing market changes, the utility industry needs to automate and digitize their operations and meet the customers where they more and more prefer it – in digital channels. In this paper we discuss how. 

Energy Consumer

An Energy Evolution in underway. We're rapidly moving towards an advanced grid market with distributed, decentralized and decarbonized resources. Find out how together, we can address the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the era of Energy Transition.

Energy Transition
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Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are at the heart of energy transition. With the right framework and business drive, they can enable energy transition and guarantee network stability in the context of distributed generation. 
In paper, we provide deeper insight into the evolving role of the DSO at the heart of Energy Transition.

Future of DSO

Digital challengers are disrupting the Retail Energy market. In Part 2 of the Hansen Energy Transition Papers - 'Future of Retail', we share our insights into what the Energy Retailer can do to succeed in this evolving market.

Future of Retail

Part of the Hansen Utility Insight Papers. In the Future of Trading paper we discuss the rising importance and key drivers of trading as an enabler of the energy transition.

Future of Trading