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Community Solar, Data and Long-Term ROI


data drives the business

Community Solar is coming into its own as owner/operators gain greater understanding of how to structure business operations and find consumers who seek lower energy costs.  The conditions that generate high revenue return today will not necessarily be there in the long term as regulations and market concession are bound to change.

In serving today’s largest North American Community Solar providers, Hansen experts believe that using the new data – from customers and production operations – now available to producers is the key to long-term community solar ROI.  In this webinar, Hansen experts and guests from leading Community Solar businesses exchange ideas on why and how operational data becomes the cornerstone of business strategy development.


  • What type of data will be most important for community solar businesses
  • How data can be utilised and analysed so as to become integral to business operations
  • Examples of the impact of data improving operations
  • How to structure business and operational systems to take advantage of the new data

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John Baksa
VP, Hansen Technologies

Mike Cofer
VP, Hansen Technologies

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