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Power the Next Through Partnership and Solution Innovation

A Global Ecosystem

In an increasingly interconnected world, Hansen finds that collaboration with partners help our customers create new business opportunities, innovations and Power the Next customer experiences.

Hansen has built strong partnerships around the globe to enhance implementation and complementary services around the Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage Suite.

Technology and Solution Partners

Microsoft Gold Partner




Datacentre – Cloud Platform – Enterprise Resource Planning – Application Development
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OPN Member and Registered ISV
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AWS Partner Network


Advanced Tier Technology Partner
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Blue Planet


Intelligent automation software to accelerate digital transformation journeys
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Embedded Program Buying Partner
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Quote generation with Hansen CPQ

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Link Mobility




SMS and mobile messaging services and solutions

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Hansen CPQ Pre-Integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Neural Technologies


Revenue protection & digital transformation solutions

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Cloud-native technology for foundation of Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage


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Workforce automation and field service dispatching solutions

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For Energy and Utilities Providers

Energy markets are changing from a system characterized by large centralized resources to an advanced infrastructure with distributed and decarbonized resources. Turning personalized energy experience into new business opportunities is imperative for next generation energy and utility providers. The Hansen suite supports the provision of the customer experience and grow off new business models. Learn more about our suite of software applications for energy and utilities providers.

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For Communications Service Providers

Turning product innovation into new business revenue is the imperative in the age of 5G and digital services. The Hansen suite for communication services providers is comprised of catalog-driven cloud applications that let service providers deliver the next experience and grow new business models through accelerated product innovation. Learn more about the Hansen suite of software applications for communications services providers.

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