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Capitalise on IoT Opportunities

Enabling growth through new IoT business models


IoT services are presenting new opportunities for communications service providers, enabling them to build on their core connectivity to generate new revenue by enabling compelling business and consumer services. But different services have very different requirements in terms of both the technology and business models which need to be supported. Download our whitepaper to find out more.

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The False Starts Have Finished

After years of hype, Internet of Things (IoT) services are becoming a very real revenue opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs). With the IoT ecosystem maturing, CSPs can gain a greater understanding of how the different parts interoperate and how they can grow their role beyond providing the core connectivity services.

Watch this webinar for a high-level overview of the IoT Opportunity for CSPs.

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Hansen for Connected Car

Today’s cars use advanced technology to deliver a totally new driving experience. Intelligent vehicle services depend on the coordination of many players, from car manufacturers to app developers, network operators and integrators – with the risk of complexity and confusion. Hansen brings coherence and agility to the in-car service ecosystem through a catalog-driven solution that structures and delivers products, services, their component capabilities and the data and processes on which they depend.

Hansen for Connected Car is used by a global automotive manufacturer, supporting more than 1 million subscribers and with an expectation of reaching more than 10 million.

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5g Ready or Not

are you ready or not?

Ready or not, 5G is coming to a network near you. And this means questions: How will 5G services be created and sold to exploit new revenue opportunities? How will this impact processes including configure, price, quote and order management? How will systems support partner ecosystems? Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage Suite for CSPs is ready now to let your business take the market opportunity created by 5G-enabled services and power your customers’ next digital experiences.

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