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YOUR district heating BUSINESS efficiency and profitability

Hansen for district heating

District heating providers have access to a lot of data, most of which is stored and ultimately not used to better the operations of the business. At the same time, there is a pressing need by district heating providers to offer and provide their service as efficiently as possible to ensure overall profitability. If only they could reliably leverage the ever-accumulating flow of data …

Hansen’s District Heating solution solves that problem by giving energy providers a way that’s fast to implement so that they can utilise their data to improve margins and stay competitive. Hansen does this by offering a SaaS-based analysis service driven by Hansen Insight that’s ready to address the standard district heating use case. Addressing these core use cases quickly contributes to improvement in the efficiency and profitability of your district heating business.

The solution interfaces directly to Hansen MDM and Hansen CIS to lower start-up costs even further.  Read on below to find out more about our the key district heating use cases.

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In this webinar, Hansen energy industry experts look at how better data and improved analytical tools can mitigate the lost revenue opportunity happening in district heating lines of business. The discussion touches on four problem areas that can be addressed by data and modern analytical solutions and which are the prevalent solutions that energy providers undertake in their day-to-day operations.

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ready with key use cases

Hansen for District Heating speeds up time-to-efficiency because it already addresses the key analytical use cases.  Three use cases are particularly important:

    Sub-optimal cooling results in heat losses and network inefficiencies. Faulty heat exchangers – whether broken down for years or recently malfunctioning – equal lost revenue and should be monitored closely. Hansen for District Heating provides businesses with up-to-date lists of faulty heat exchangers right to your inbox.
    Slacking or speeding meters are a common problem and the Hansen solution allows you to focus on metering points with significantly increasing or decreasing temperature-normalised consumption. By filtering on meter model and installation year, it is possible to handle government maintenance requirements virtually.
    To attract and retain district heating customers, it’s vital to make sure that tariffs are attractive and fair to customers. For example, heat pump customers that max out their power on cold winter days, but otherwise don’t consume, may get an alternative tariff that accounts for this consumption pattern. Hansen District Heating Solution provides the basis to create new tariffs and simulate how your total revenue and energy bill of each customer would change.

Read the District Heating Solution Brief for more detailed information on the use cases above, additional use cases covered by the solution, or contact a Hansen representative.

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