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At Hansen, operating sustainably and making sound decisions that help enhance our planet’s future, support our communities and enable our people to thrive, wherever they are, has long been important to us. We recognise the growing importance of embedding this within our approach to conducting business.

Our Environment

We acknowledge the science of climate change and are committed to operating in the most sustainable manner possible. We are also committed to ongoing investment in our software, data centers, and energy supply to help our customers deliver more sustainable and renewable energy, utilities and communications-based services to their customers.

Our most recent independent audit of our operations shows a significant amount of our environmental impact comes from the running of our corporate offices and travel related to servicing and supporting customers. As one conscious measure to help offset the carbon emissions produced by the company, Managing Director and Global Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Hansen, has been planting more than 2,000 trees annually.

As a result of an evolving hybrid workforce, where many employees increasingly work remotely, we have also taken active steps to review all our global office spaces. This is to ensure our spaces are as energy efficient as possible and right sized to meet the needs of local employees, without unnecessary additional space. Other approaches to support our environmental efforts include waste separation, a technology-first approach and printing only when needed, as just a few examples.

In addition to our active efforts to reduce our environmental impact, Hansen has also engaged in carbon off-set projects as a measure to work towards a net-zero position.

As part of determining our choice for projects,
we proceeded based on the following criteria:

More Localised Efforts

We want to focus our efforts in countries where our people live and work from.

Green Energy Generation

We want to invest in projects that enable our customers to generate more environmentally friendly energy in the future.

Green Energy Consumption

We want to invest in initiatives that enable our people to consume more environmentally friendly energy in the future.

Carbon Offset Projects

For our initial offset projects, Hansen selected two projects in India, where a significant portion of our people live and work from. One is a wind power project in Andhra Pradesh and the other is a hydroelectric project in the Kinnaur District in Himachal Pradesh. Both these projects support local communities to reduce their reliance on fossil-fuels and help provide new forms of employment and the wider economic benefits that arise from them.

In mid-2022, Hansen’s Australian operations was independently certified by Climate Active as carbon neutral. We our continuing our journey to reduce the impact on the environment in Australia and expand these efforts across the business globally.


Through the nature of our software and the solutions we develop, we help our customers operate more efficiently thereby lessening their demand on global resources. We support them and their sustainability journeys in a range of ways, from the expert counsel and skills of our people, to thought leadership and next-gen thinking, as together, we all plan into the future. We take pride in our long-term relationships, many of which are multi-decade and on average at least 10 years.

Data Privacy & Security

We believe using data responsibly is in everyone’s interest. Our software-development practices embed the highest possible security-protection mechanisms.

Supporting our development process is a robust range of policies that our people comply with, including the Hansen Privacy Policy, Security Policy and Record Retention Policy. Anyone with access to Hansen systems is required to undertake privacy training, to understand what personal data is and what we can all do to help protect it. They are also required to pass an assessment on completion of training as a precondition for accessing our systems and update this on an annual basis.

Business Conduct

As a business, we are proud to be guided by our Hansen values. These values are the foundation of how we behave and interact with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Hansen’s people all commit to a Code of Conduct on joining our team with a range of other interacting policies. Together, these align with our values to ensure that we observe the highest standards of fair dealing, honesty and integrity in our business activities.

Additionally, we have in place a Modern Slavery Policy to ensure that we, together with our employees and suppliers, respect and promote human rights and contribute towards eradicating modern slavery. We are committed to the continued evolution of this policy and the underlying systems and controls to ensure that modern slavery practices are not taking place anywhere in our operations and supply chains. Moving forward we are looking to include our partners within the scope of our modern slavery program, alongside our current considerations of our people and suppliers.

Beyond our values and policies, Hansen is committed to continually exploring how we can evolve the operation of our business, from embracing a more paperless environment, reviewing where we source our energy and assessing what further benefits cloud and technology can help us deliver. This translates into how we invest in R&D for our customers and future software solutions, and in how we better operate holistically as a business across all sustainability metrics.


As a company with more than 1,600 people globally, there is no doubt that the challenges of the last couple of years, along with evolving and different ways of working, have brought about new challenges competing for global talent. At Hansen, we value our people and work with them to understand what they need to do to deliver great outcomes and have rewarding careers with us.

Engagement & Culture

Diversity and inclusion lie at the core of who we are as a business and is something we take very seriously. We are a very multicultural family. Time and again, we have seen that diversity of ideas leads to more creativity, more innovation and better business outcomes as a whole.

With diversity firmly embedded in our DNA, anyone who chooses to join the Hansen family will find a welcoming home with us. We applaud the extraordinary contributions of all our employees around the globe, and also call on other business leaders to fully embrace diversity and inclusion as a core value.

At the end of FY22, Hansen’s gender ratio was 31 per cent female and 69 per cent male. We have worked very hard to bring this up from a 25:75 ratio and improving further remains a continued focus for us.

Today, with our global workforce, we have a collective team who speak more than 60 languages. This means we have local people, supporting local customers, and our people collaborate effortlessly across cultures and geographies.

Learning & Development

Providing our people not only with career paths, but also development opportunities, is critical to ensuring that they are aligned with the business and remain motivated and driven towards innovation. All our employees have access to an online learning portal with more than 13,000 courses ranging from technology courses to professional skills and other interest topics. We firmly believe that people committed to learning are people committed to growing professionally and that is key to our continued success.

Talent Attraction & Development

We aim to attract the very best talent, regardless of where they live, and continue to provide opportunities for our people to grow and develop. In 2021, we announced that people’s place of work would remain flexible providing all our employees the opportunity and choice to do the best and most efficient work in their location of choice while encouraging in-office collaboration.
We are constantly reassessing and optimising our benefits and employee value proposition to align and reconfigure our support system around wellness and mental health, ensuring that we provide all the support we can to allow people to bring their best selves to work – and live their best lives.

Positively Impacting our Communities

As individuals, many people at Hansen have long been giving back through volunteering, donations and other forms of giving. As a company, Hansen has supported Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), and the commendable work that they do across the world, through donations for several years.

We strongly believe in business as a force for good. As we marked our 50 years of business, we conceived and initiated what we have called our ‘50 Acts of Impact’ program. This initiative recognises the global diversity of our people, the communities we live in, and the different challenges that we can help to address. Acts of Impact was purposefully designed to welcome and encourage our people to make a meaningful, long-lasting and purposeful impact in our local communities and, where practical, to our global society.

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