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Omni-Channel Commerce

Transactional Continuity Across All Sales Channels with Hansen CPQ

Hansen for Omni-Channel Commerce

Businesses often fail to recognise that ‘multichannel’ isn’t enough — today’s customer often ‘channel hops’ across call center, web portal, mobile app or store in the course of a single transaction and expects his or her sales journey to be followed. Hansen for Omni-Channel brings rationalised control of the business proposition, a transparent and seamless buying experience for the customer and a fully integrated sales environment. Our solution provides a unified management platform for products and services, abstracted from individual sales channels so a business can offer a consistent set of propositions that lets customers initiate and complete transactions effortlessly across as many channels as they care to use.

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Omni-Channel for SME/SOHO Customers

A market-leading multinational mobile operator needed a solution in its German business that would help it create, sell and deliver new digital services to business customers across multiple channels, including a new e-commerce channel for this segment. The mobile operator had already implemented Hansen Catalog to master its product, service and resource data, substantially reducing costly order fallout. Hansen CPQ was the logical choice for an omni-channel project whose business drivers were:

  • To increase new digital orders driven from the core enterprise catalog
  • To create repeatable sales processes with a self-service portal, reducing order errors
  • To provide a single source of resource data from which to build and launch new products
  • To fully digitalise SME and SOHO contracts

Hansen CPQ’s catalog-driven platform now supports a unified sales process across the operator’s contact center and web channels, enabling customers to effortlessly complete orders even as they ‘hop’ between sales channels – and our pre-integration with Salesforce greatly reduced the time and effort needed to deploy the solution.

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