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Failure to deliver products customers have purchased hurts CSPs. For business and consumer buyers alike, product delivery delays and failures lead to unfulfilled customer expectations, high-cost manual intervention to fix errors and slower time-to-revenue for new products and services. And the complexity of new services enabled by 5G and virtualised networks pose a new challenge for fulfilment systems, making the ability to automate processes critical for success. In this webinar, Hansen experts discuss what fulfment needs to be in the digital world, removing errors and mistakes and automating from end-to-end.

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Overcome THe CHALLENGES OF today – and tomorrow

Based on more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects, Hansen’s services and systems architecture experts understand how to address the challenges you’re facing. We take the learning and expertise from serving communications providers across the globe and apply it to your business.

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Ready for 5G

Are you ready to monetise 5G?

5G is here, bringing with it a number of questions. How will 5G services be created and sold to capitalise on new revenue opportunities? How will this impact processes including configure, price, quote and order management? How will systems support partner ecosystems? The Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage Suite for CSPs is ready to empower CSPs to innovate freely, monetise and deliver new 5G services, powering customers’ next digital experiences.

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