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Hansen Catalog Awarded Full Frameworx Certification from TM Forum

Toronto, Canada – 25 November 2019 – Hansen today announced Hansen Catalog (formerly Sigma Catalog) has been awarded the full Frameworx (eTom and SID) 18.5 conformance certification by TM Forum.

The Frameworx Conformance Certification is designed to ensure that the processes and/or information data model of industry products and implementations are consistent with the TM Forum’s globally recognised standards and best practices. The assessments are designed to create an open and dynamic market which enables vendors to differentiate their products and solutions by showing clear alignment with best practices widely used by the industry’s service providers.

Robert Hingston, Vice President of Products, Hansen, commented: “The implementation of standards-based solutions is an important part of enabling the communications industry to maintain profitability, as it migrates to new services and new business models. Achieving this certification demonstrates Hansen’s commitment to providing CSPs with industry-leading, standards-based solutions that enable true transformation of product management. Many of our customers specify and expect conformance to TM Forum Frameworx and other industry standards. Hansen helped pioneer the process of Frameworx conformance certification and views it as an integral part of our product development process.”

As the core of the Create-Sell-Deliver portfolio, Hansen Catalog is specifically designed to manage the end‐to‐end processes and product data relevant to the product development, product launch and in‐life product management activities of an organisation. It provides organisations with the essential components of a full product lifecycle management (PLM) framework and product data management (PDM) capability. Hansen Catalog is an automated, productised solution that asserts centralised business control over the product management process.