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With over 40 years of customer care & billing software expertise, the flexibility and power of Hansen Technologies CX Product Suite delivers a leading customer experience across four major industry sectors: energy (utilities), water, pay-TV and telecommunications.

Customer Story:  Find out more about how Hansen Technologies convergent solutions helped GET's journey into the mobile market in Norway.


GET’s Journey into the Mobile Market
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The future of energy can now be determined by advanced digital technologies that harness and analyze big data to better manage the demands of a changing industry. 

Why Data Predictive Analytics is key to Supplier success
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The traditional CIS systems, do not have the ability to handle the complexity of rating and billing smart grid-based dynamic pricing. Hansen NirvanasoftCX Complex Billing Gateway addresses these challenges and delivers features for Solar Complex Billing.

Solving your complex billing gateway problem | Solar & beyond
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Good User Interface increases user productivity, requires less training and makes users happier.

When it comes to UI, One size does NOT fit all
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Hansen Technologies provided functionality for Xcel Energy to automate their complex billing requirements providing a complete Enterprise Customer Billing Solution.

Complex Billing Automation
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