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Evolution to
a decentralised game

The pursuit of low carbon options in the energy sector, notably electric vehicles, solar panels, heat pumps, battery and smart appliances are set to dramatically change the character of the overall power demand on the power system and at the same time introduce new sources of flexibility.

The growth of DER (Distributed Energy Resources) is beyond the control of traditional utilities and presents an operational and commercial challenge in how to model and scale the grid resources all the way down to the consumer level.

These new technologies empower the customers and shifts the market dynamic to a decentralised game.

Make Clean Energy Accessible: Launch Community Solar

Over the last few years, solar energy has been the fastest growing energy source in almost every part of the world – from China to India to Africa, Europe and North America.

In communities across the United States, consumers are seeking alternative sustainable energy sources, such as solar, however the challenge has been the ability to find an economic model that allows such a wide-spread population ease of access. Several models have been tried with varying degrees of success, out of those, one model – Community Solar – has gained popularity. Over the next 30 years, DNV GL forecasts that solar will play an increasingly important role in the electricity mix, with a forecasted 40% share by 2050.

Advances in solar technology, an increase in federal and state tax incentives, and creative new financing models have made Community Solar projects more financially feasible for utilities.

To launch and be competitive, Community Solar Service Providers (CSSPs) must have a robust billing system and access to industry service specialists that are capable of providing a very high degree of customer experience and automated backoffice processes.

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Operational Challenges
for Utilities

Technological advances as well as regulatory policies, has allowed solar power to become competitive with more conventional sources of energy and this trend is expected to continue.

Community Solar projects are continuing to flourish, yet providers are facing unprecedented challenges. As Community Solar is a relatively new concept, new groups, investors and even utilities are entering this space and have neglected to understand the complexity of business processes, customer experience and the systems required to do these, seamlessly and automatically.

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