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Scaling Community Solar Across the U.S. with Hampshire POwer


Connecting more people to renewable energy sources

The energy landscape is changing. We’re now witnessing a high degree of acceleration towards renewable forms of energy, and specifically, growth of solar power.

Hampshire Power enables people, property owners and organizations to access solar energy so that they can be more sustainable. They install, own, operate and maximise a wide array of energy products and services, working with clients and partners to build transparent, interconnected, monitored, and fully monetised energy stations.

Hansen works with Hampshire Power, providing the software and operational expertise to help drive the expansion of the renewable energy market. Commercial and industrial organizations look to Hansen when it comes to customer management, subscriber acquisition and solar project management.

These days, system security is of utmost importance, and when everything is being managed through spreadsheets, that’s a risk. With a platform that’s built for scalability, Hansen also ensures organizations like Hampshire Power have the tools they need to grow quickly.

“We use Hansen Technologies as our backend, it is by far and away like no other competitor or platform out there. We've chosen them because they're the most scalable, flexible and secure renewable energy platform available in the market.”

Stephen Condon
Director of Community Energy, Hampshire Power

Operate and control Community Solar

Hansen for Community Solar is a service that solves the solar asset management operational challenge and lack of business controls by quickly providing a foundation of systems, people and processes while ensuring the business has control of data, customer experience, brand and commercial strategy.

Hansen Community Solar

Lessons learned in Community Solar

Community Solar is developing rapidly across North America. Hansen has published a series of whitepapers that address the challenges of this market from customer acquisition to operational complexities while also providing guidance for organizations making the transition to community solar.

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