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Hansen CPQ adds “telco-grade” capabilities to your CRM, enabling consistent and efficient commerce for increasingly complex products and services. It is a cross-market and omni-channel quote and order capture product that defines how your business sells all of your products, from standardized consumer offerings to tailored B2B enterprise services. It increases the speed and improves the accuracy of your sales quotes and orders, delivering an immediate effect on sales efficiency, agility and customer satisfaction. The application is driven by Hansen Catalog and provides productized integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and other CRM platforms.


Essential Content

Hansen CPQ lets you tackle the challenges of selling complex B2B services with capabilities that reduce the time-to-sell, ensure clean digital orders and integrate seamlessly into your CRM environment. The application lets you control how your business sells with special capabilities for B2B selling, including full MACD support, location-based quotes, supplemental orders and deep pre-integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. Read the brief, read an article, or book a demo to learn about how service providers create omni-channel quote and order capture.

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Increased Revenue Potential

Take advantage of customized cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Reduced Sales Costs

Decrease manual intervention through automated, dynamic ordering processes.

Reduced Order Fallout

Create clean digital orders that are accurate and validated against product rules and customer portfolio data.

Customer Portfolio Management

Manages the entire customer portfolio with updates, upgrades/downgrades or disconnections.

Complexity Managed

Navigates, configures, prices and validates all types of products across all service lines.

True Omni-Channel

A unified platform to let customers hop to between channels while persisting their latest quote.

Dynamic Pricing

Applies complex pricing structures that are aware of discounts, promotions and products already in use by customers.

Contextual Awareness

Connects with other network systems to leverage critical real-time data.

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