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 To B2Be Different: What Enterprises Want From Their CSPs


Learn What CSPs Need To Better Service Enterprises

Excerpted from the recent Hansen roundtable at DTW 2020, Hansen experts and representatives from Hansen customers Bharti Airtel and Inmarsat discuss the various aspects of giving enterprise customers what they want, what it means in day-to-day business operations and how Hansen’s suite of catalog-driven commerce applications address and mitigate the challenges from product creation to fulfilment.


  • A vendor’s perspective on which B2B services are becoming more complex and customised to meet specific customer requirements
  • How Bharti Airtel addressed its operational infrastructure to improve effectiveness with partners
  • Inmarsat’s digital transformation journey enabled by catalog-driven commerce applications
  • How technology standards will help to drive partnerships to provide 5G-enabled services

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Paul Thompson
Director and IT Product Owner – Inmarsat

Senthil Balasubramaniam
CIO for B2B & Networks – Bharti Airtel

Brian Cappellani
Senior Vice President, Research and Development – Hansen

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