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Hansen Catches A Lift In The Connected Car

Hansen is passionate about helping communications service providers to be more agile – it’s what our products and services are famous for and we’re very proud of all our customer partnerships and hard work within the industry.

Now, something else that’s very cool has happened – our Hansen Catalog and Hansen OM products have been chosen by a well-known automotive manufacturer to form the foundation of a platform that will deliver connected car services. We hope to announce this formally when the time is right and the project is well underway.

I say it’s a cool development for three reasons. First, it’s evidence of something that we in Hansen have suspected for a while – that the problems in creating and delivering digital products and services are essentially similar across industries. There will be some differences that we’ll need to be ready for, but our experience with more than 80 service providers should help as we serve the automotive manufacturer.

As we have seen within service providers, systems and processes must have the right capabilities to create products and services with agility – that’s where Hansen Catalog plays such an all-important role. If you have the ability to configure an offering in any way you can imagine it – without having to touch a line of system code or bother IT teams to achieve it – you’re automatically going to be more agile and ready to respond with and monetise a new digital service. Hansen strongly believes that managing the lifecycle of product, service and resource data in a unified and distributed catalog will bring the same benefits to the automotive manufacturer selling digital services as it does to the service provider.

Second reason: Hansen will again be involved in “growth beyond the core”, which is a fundamental part of our goal to help enterprises get their next business model done now. From our perspective, an automotive manufacturer creating, selling and delivering digital services is a good example for service providers of how leaders in other industry are trying to adapt and find growth beyond their core set of products and services. It’s our view that growth in the age of living digital services will come from growing beyond their “core” services, while still taking advantage of their traditional services. Now we’ll be part of this “growth beyond” in a dynamic and changing part of the automotive industry.

Third and finally, it’s our first partner in the automotive sector and a move into a new industry – which is always exciting!  In working with the automotive manufacturer and the implementation partner, Hansen will, as in any engagement, bring this learning back from the connected car segment to our service provider partners and use it to improve the products and services that we provide them.

Stephen Krajewski
Director of Product Marketing