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Distribution System Operators (DSOs) today are primarily responsible for timely connections of new capacity to the grid and improving system resilience through appropriate reinforcement. Secondly, and growing in importance, DSOs are required to help transform energy systems by accelerating investment in innovation and digitalisation.

Network planning and operations will be optimised by using distributed energy resources (DER) and digital technologies to regulate power flows to achieve a greater flexibility in terms of usage and production.

Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage suite is a software suite for DSOs undergoing a transformation to become tomorrow’s next-digital driven experience company.

Power the Next

Energy markets are rapidly moving from a system characterised by large centralised resources, to an advanced grid market with increased adoption of distributed energy resources, driving new business innovation at the edge of the grid.

For DSOs, Hansen see 4 key areas for business focus captured in the concept of 4 Es:

  • Electrification
    The pursuit of low carbon options in other aspects of the energy sectors, are set to change the shape of the overall demand on the power system. This is leading to an increasing number of decentralised assets connected to the distribution system.
  • Enabling infrastructure, market and new business models
    • Flexibility services
    • Development, ownership and operation of EV charging points
    • Provision of direct services to consumers
    • Data analysis services and enriched data to third parties
  • Engaging customers
    Given the changing energy dynamics, the current model of ‘connect and reinforce’ will need to overcome the passive relationship between the DSO and the network customer.
  • Economy of scale
    To limit expenses, DSOs look for standardised, best-of-breed solutions and a high degree of interoperability.

Essential Content

Hansen for DSO

In this Solution brief you will learn about:

  • The concept of 4 Es — A description of how Electrification, Enabling Infrastructure and market, Engaging customers and Economy of scale impacts the future business strategy of DSOs
  • Guidelines for a future geared DSO — Hansen guideline approach comes from working with leading DSOs worldwide.

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