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Hansen MDM

Product Brief

In this brief, you’ll learn about:

  • Advanced solutions for efficient processing of large volumes of smart metering data. See how market proven metering services integrate smart grid infrastructures and events with real world demands.
  • Automated processes that ensure that all standard operations are performed without the need for manual data entry.
  • How a feature-rich dashboard and real-time visualizations make sense of complex data using our innovative specialized tools and cloud-based instant service.
  • How to reduce your time to market by centralized management of the complete energy supply chain from procurement and storage deliveries to production and the consumption of energy products.
  • A highly scalable MDM solution with proven world-class performance, capable of handling millions of smart meters worldwide.
  • How the Hansen approach with innovation at the edge of the grid provides an accurate view of total energy consumption, and can enhance network operation, increase grid efficiency.
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