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Energy Transition – Part 3

Priorities for Change: Hansen Solutions
for the Energy Transition

A Hansen POV

PART 3: Priorities for Change: Hansen Solutions for The Energy Transition

Without a doubt, business model redesign as a response to the conditions of the energy transition is accelerating with the increasing speed of technology advancement. Energy companies are busy doing their research, looking into how they need to change and adapt. Key questions will be: How do they prioritise? What areas should they look at changing first?  During this time of realising the energy transition, important choices in business and operational systems will continue to be made.

Download Part 3 of our report on the Energy Transition in which we provide our view on the priorities for change and how that is realised in the Hansen Suite for Energy and Utilities.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to prepare your business and operational systems for the full impact of DER
  • A few cases where Hansen is assisting energy providers adapt to the energy transition
  • Preparing to handle variety and service adaptability, scaling for DER growth

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