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Create, Sell and Deliver In a 5G World

Hansen’s Approach to Next-Generation
B/OSS Software

Meeting CSP requirements
for next-generation networks

In order to thrive in a 5G world, CSPs need the “Killer Op” – a business and operational platform which gives them the agility and flexibility to exploit the opportunities presented by next-generation networks. This means systems must be designed to tackle the challenges associated with complex consumer and B2B services.

In this paper, we discuss how our Create-Deliver-Engage Suite provides CSPs with the flexibility to tap new revenue opportunities, deliver services seamlessly and profitably, and achieve new levels of customer satisfaction.

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PROFITING FROM A 5G FUTURE: CSP Readiness for Next-Generation B2B Services

Download our exclusive paper to find out about the challenges ahead on the road to 5G, and why Hansen believes that what CSPs need is the ‘Killer Op’: a platform which will enable them to dynamically seize the opportunities in front of them and quickly define new digital products and services.


The ‘Killer Op’:  B/OSS Readiness for 5G

5G will impact B/OSS software in a number of ways, and CSPs will need flexible and scalable platforms. Download this exclusive report to learn the features of what we call the ‘Killer Op’ – an operating platform that enables service providers to create and deliver next-generation products, creating new revenue and driving customer satisfaction.



See how Hansen’s Create-Deliver-Engage applications not only deliver for the network providers,
but also support partnerships to deliver 5G-enabled services.