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Hansen OM

Product Brief

In this brief, you’ll learn about…

  • The order management product of the Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage Suite that drives order decomposition, dynamic workflow management and fulfilment orchestration, eliminating points of failure, minimising cost and maximising customer satisfaction.
  • Eliminating ordering disorder to precisely deliver the services that customers purchase.
  • Rationalised, configurable workflows – Replacing hardwired ‘spaghetti’ workflows for every service with re-usable tasks and sub-flows that can be used to deliver multiple products and bundles.
  • Über-orchestration – A unified platform that bridges digital and legacy services and supports both simple consumer and sophisticated enterprise products.
  • Fully-transparent vizualisation – Keep a complete and detailed view of fulfilment design and run-time execution for easy, hands-on management of the service environment.
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