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Deep and wide transformations demand courage, ambition, and persistence

In this 15-minute conversation, Guy Tennant, CTO of Hansen and Mariam Kaynia, VP, Director of Architecture, Strategy and Analytics at Telefonica Deutschland discuss the “Radical IT Transformation” (RAITT) that Telefonica has embarked on to update its IT architecture and future-proof its business.

The two of them address the main drivers for Telefonica’s program, why cloud-native solutions are the cornerstone to this journey, and what benefits the company anticipates. The conversation also briefly touches on cultural changes that will be needed to make the transition a successful one.

Telefonica Deutschland’s RAITT is likely the biggest and most ambitious Digital Transformation in the CSP world today. The operation has 50M customers and at least 20 consumer brands in the German marketplace. Whilst many CSP’s are engaged in incremental evolutionary programs, few have made a commitment to complete end-to-end change of their technology stack within a few years of commencement.

As Mariam shares, big transformations need to be incredibly bold in their ambitions and approach, the collective team needs to be open to trying new ways, and everyone needs to persist. There will inevitably be missteps and errors along the way and that will demand an open and transparent relationship, resilience, the right people with the right attitude, and the right technology partners who strive for the same vision. Hansen is proud to have been identified as a key one.

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Mariam Kaynia 
VP, Director of Architecture, Strategy and Analytics – Telefonica Deutschland

Guy Tennant 
Chief Technology Officer – Hansen

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