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DISH Wireless: A Next-Generation Telco

– with Hansen Suite for Communications, Technology & Media 

DISH has launched the first-ever cloud-native 5G Smart Network in the United States by partnering for innovation with a vendor ecosystem including Hansen Suite for Communications, Technology & Media. In this report by TM Forum and sponsored by Hansen, the US mobile market and the emergence of 5G smart networks are examined. 

Hansen recognises the vast opportunities for CSPs in a 5G world. These complex and advanced systems, services and networks will require advanced technologies to run – requiring catalog-driven software for ultimate success.  

In the report you will learn: 

  • How Hansen is enabling DISH with the technology to monetise its new 5G platform
  • Why DISH chose Hansen Catalog as the key to launching innovative offers and products within its 5G platform
  • Predictions on DISH Wireless performance in the mobile market by comparison of similar market entries from other countries
  • DISH Wireless’s vision for partnering with a vendor ecosystem and driving joint research, innovation and development
  • The realities of deploying a cloud-native network

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