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Hansen Trade

Product Brief

In this brief, you’ll learn about:

  • Liquidity and speed favour automated trading solutions.
    An increasing number of transmission lines between countries and price areas leads to bigger markets with far more opportunities.
  • Optimal utilisation of flexible production assets.
    An automated trading solution optimises the value of production assets 24/7 by selling and buying production flexibility (available power plant capacity, or flexible consumption).
  • Increasing imbalance cost risk.
    More wind power capacity increases balancing power costs, particularly when there is significant deviation between expected and actual wind power production. Automated intraday trading minimizes imbalance effectively.
  • Shorter balance settlement resolution.
    When balance settlement resolution changes from 60 to 15 minutes, more products will be traded and manual trading becomes impossible in practice.
  • Focus on trading strategy – do not fight against automated trading manually.
    Manual trading has become too challenging and expensive. Let the traders focus on monitoring and trading strategy development.
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