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The New Energy Consumer

A Guide to Customer-Centric Energy Markets

The number of consumers using social media to interact with their energy provider will double in the next two years.

The New Energy Consumer research program executed by Accenture during 2010- 2015 covered 60,000 energy customers in 26 countries. Based on the results presented in Unlocking the digital value of the new energy consumer report, it’s clear that the utilities who manage to engage their customer digitally have better possibilities for higher customer satisfaction and additional sales. Digitally engaged energy consumers (*) are:

  • more satisfied with their energy provider (14% higher than digitally non-engaged)
  • more likely to recommend their current energy provider (29% higher than digitally non-engaged)
  • significantly more likely to purchase or sign up for home energy products and services (1.5 times more than digitally non-engaged)

The conclusion is that to handle the ongoing market changes, the utility industry needs to automate and digitalise operations and meet customers where they more and more prefer it – in digital channels.

(*) digitally engaged consumer = those who have interacted through digital channels over the past year

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