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Create Sell Deliver
for the Next Wave

first edition – 2019
A Hansen Survey Research Report

Ever wonder if other service providers are struggling to create, sell, and deliver the next wave new digital products and services?

Hansen was curious too – just how well are CSPs around the globe handling the demands to create new innovative digital products and services while maintaining legacy ones?

We decided to survey over 100 of the top CSPs globally; inquiring about their create-sell-deliver processes and whether they felt well positioned to support the next wave of digital products and services.

What did we learn?

Though they have addressed various aspects of create-sell-deliver, the survey showed that CSPs aren’t in the best position to handle the next wave of digital products and services.

So what challenges are they still facing that is causing CSPs to still race to get new products and services to their customers?

Download this exclusive report to learn about the areas CSPs continue to struggle with as the try to keep up with customer demands for a more personalized digital experience.

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