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First to prepare for
supplier-centric market model

A hansen customer success story: AGDER ENERGI

In this case study, yoU’ll learn how:

  • Agder Energi has made the decision to be a first mover, splitting its business processes and CIS IT system between its DSO unit (Agder Energi Nett) and retailer unit (LOS).
  • Stronger requirements for market neutrality came into force with the introduction of the Norwegian data hub Elhub, mandating separate CIS solutions as a prerequisite.
  • The standardized billing solution is highly automated and fully compatible with the IT environments of both the DSO and retailer companies.
  • The complete combined billing process for over 160 000 network customers is handled by only three people.
  • Separate CIS systems provide an opportunity for utilities to improve customer engagement and sharpen their competitive edge.
  • For the retailer, LOS, Hansen’s billing solution has enabled more rapid innovation and new product creation, providing more attractive offerings for customers.

Agder Energi produces, distributes and sells energy and energy-related services. They are the third largest energy producer in Norway. LOS sells energy and energy services to both the residential and business market. They are the largest electricity supplier in the Norwegian business market.

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