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Hansen and Power-Deriva Expand Use of Hansen Trade for Regulating Power Market

October 12th, 2021 – Hansen Technologies (ASX:HSN) is pleased to announce a further expansion of its partnership with Power-Deriva. As part of the agreement, Power-Deriva, a service-providing company specialising in portfolio management and trading in the energy sector, will now extend the use of Hansen Trade to cover regulating power market (mFRR) operations within the coming Nordic Balancing Model Program. This agreement follows the recent expansion related to automated intraday trading.

The Hansen Trade Regulating Power solution enables Power-Deriva to automate the regulating power bidding and streamline daily trading operations. Hansen Trade is also fully compliant with imminent market changes expected in the Nordic Balancing Model. With Hansen Trade, Power-Deriva is enabled with a state-of-the-art solution widely used throughout the Nordic power markets.

Mika Laakkonen, Head of Physical Trading, Power-Deriva, commented: “Modern tools and streamlined daily operations are a must-have in today’s dynamic power market operations. The markets we serve are constantly subject to a great degree of change, and we are confident that with the support of partners such as Hansen, as well as modern solutions such as Hansen Trade, Power-Deriva is well-positioned to meet the needs of our customers and the challenges of tomorrow.”

Scott Weir, Regional President, EMEA, Hansen Technologies, commented: “The latest expansion of our partnership with Power-Deriva is further proof of the strength of Hansen Trade. Our solution enables Power-Deriva to automate critical business operations with a modern and robust trading solution, and to take advantage of dynamic pricing opportunities. At Hansen Technologies, we are proud to provide our customers with holistic solutions and competitive advantages that enable them to optimise critical business operations and successfully navigate a rapidly changing, digital environment.”

Run as a cloud-based SaaS solution, Hansen Trade fully meets the flexibility and scalability demands of the evolving energy trading market.

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