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The growing prominence of DERs and decarbonisation provides energy retailers and DSOs with unprecedented challenges. Increasing speed and volume in the market brings a new level of complexity to energy trading, forcing decision-making closer to real-time. To remain competitive, traders are compelled into switching to automated solutions.

Looking for an advanced solution for wholesale energy market trading and demand response operations? Whether you are an energy producer, a balance responsible party for a retailer or a retailer providing demand response services for end-users, you need an automated trading solution to keep up with the game.

Run as a cloud-based service and optimised for real-time calculation, Hansen Trade fully meets the flexibility and scalability demands of the evolving energy trading market.

Essential Content

  • Still trading manually?
  • Are your margins on energy trading in decline?
  • Looking for ways to cut costs while still improving efficiency?
  • Do you have leftover production capacity?
  • Wondering how to meet the challenge of 5 minute settlement?
  • Is your energy trading characterised by ad hoc decision making?

Hansen Trade is the ultimate solution for automated trading, enabling energy companies to optimise the usage of their flexible production assets, minimise their balance error and save on the costs of running a 24/7 trading desk.

Read the brief and the Hansen POV, watch the introductory webinar or book a demo to learn more about Hansen Trade.
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Read The Hansen POVWatch the Introductory WebinarBook a Demo


Watch the Webinar

Further with Automated Trading

In an earlier webinar on automated energy trading, Hansen experts laid out the case for why automated trading using cloud-based systems was the logical path for energy and utility businesses. In this advanced session, Hansen experts dive deeper into automated trading system functionality and provide insight into how automated trading systems can be implemented to produce beneficial outcomes to energy and utilities providers.

Watch the Advanced Webinar


Margin improvement and maintenance

Improve and fine-tune your trading strategy, rather than manually monitoring and updating orders. Leave the tedious tasks to your automated solution.

Cost control

Implement zero-touch automation to replace costly, manual interventions.
Manual trading becomes more expensive for every day that goes by.

Risk management in a diverse and fast market

Minimize risks in the real-time intraday market, avoid imbalance charges, procure electricity for end-consumers, and balance deviations from original and updated plans.

Realise value potential of flexible production assets

Offer available capacity to markets.

Enhanced visualization

Full view to market situation at a glance.

Cloud SaaS

Delivered as a turn-key SaaS solution within a few weeks from the order.

All physical markets covered

Optimise your trading operations in Day-ahead, Intraday, and Ancillary markets.

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