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The energy sector collects large amounts of data on a continuous basis, and it’s growing with the adaptions of smart meters, sensors, wireless transmission and network communication. Hansen Insight gives you the next generation, cloud native service for utilities.

Utilities must develop new forms of clean energy production, to adapt infrastructures, increase energy efficiency and engage customers to enjoy the experience, in order to reduce energy consumption and the use of fossil fuels in a sustainable way.

Hansen Insight comprises a suite of more than 20 analytics use cases for Energy Retailers, Distribution Operators, Balance Responsible Parties and District Heating Operators.

hansen insight delivers

Tariff Planning

Insightful advantage when considering pricing strategy and tariff adjustment. Feature rich and easy to use visuals present simulated load scenarios and tariff models to predict customer behaviour and business implications.

Load Forecasting

High quality load forecasts without inefficient manual input. Insight optimises and automatically selects the best algorithm for each load.

Sales Margin Analysis

Detailed understanding of sales margins on both aggregated and individual contract levels. Business development with intelligent analysis and increased understanding of customer profitability.

Revenue Analysis

Accurate and detailed data over and above that which is typically aggregated. Contract, product and component level reporting elevated to 15 minute intervals for energy retail business. Reduces error in interpretation of reports and delivers accurate revenue reporting.

Customer Churn

Detailed understanding on which customers churn and why. Supports sales in taking proactive measures to keep customers that are likely to churn. Reports on behaviour patterns that indicate potential churn.

Customer Profitability Analysis

Unrivalled understanding of customer profitability, both on aggregated and individual contract levels, with modelling spot procurement costs, hedging costs and overheads. Analysis on customer profitability at contract, tariff component and metering interval level.

Customer Segmentation

Easy to embrace customer data that ensures a deeper understanding of end users for the Energy retail business. No more static reports and time consuming spreadsheets in order to seek out business trends and opportunities.

EV Charging Households

End-users with EVs are identified and can be analysed. Understanding enables new services and paves the way for future business opportunities.

Hansen insight
for district heating

District heating providers have access to a lot of data, most of which is stored and ultimately not used to better the operations of the business. At the same time, there is a pressing need by district heating providers to offer and provide their service as efficiently as possible to ensure overall profitability.  Hansen’s District Heating solution solves that problem by giving energy providers a way that’s fast to implement so that they can utilise their data to improve margins and stay competitive.

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Essential Content

Plug & play – user-friendly visualisation and map integration. Hansen has made it easier for you, by building a standard set of use cases, bringing deep data analytics on to something tangible. Hansen Insight is a commercial solution for energy data analytics – providing monetising capabilities to increase profitability and detect new market opportunities.

Would you like to derive and utilise the full potential of the data smart meters are able to provide? Do you see the value of mining your data for the kind of intelligence that enhances the relationship between the product and services you sell and your customers who buy and use them? Well, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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