Want to take a ride on a wind turbine? How important is air quality is to a solar panel? When can water be digitised? Are these questions that keep you awake at night?!  Peter Kelly-Detwiler*, energy thought leader, shares thoughts about such things when he sends postcards from the future.  He also shares charts you can’t read… but tells you that things are converting more efficiently and that material science is critical in all of this.  Infact, a little bit of mad scientist is required in all of us to keep thriving and growing in this industry. 

View the highlights of Peter’s recent keynote presentation to Hansen clients as he talks about the future of the energy industry below.

*Peter Kelly-Detwiler is a respected thought leader in the energy and utilities industry, regularly sharing his thoughts on the innovations, trends, and technologies that drive evolving energy markets.  Peter writes on energy for Forbes magazine, is based in Boston USA, and has some interesting thoughts to get you thinking as we kick off 2019!

Insights from Peter Kelly-Detwiler