Nitin: Keshav, tell us a bit about Dish Home and your role at the company?

Keshav: Dish Home is the largest DTH operator in Nepal and was established in 2010.
I currently sit as the Chief Operating Officer at Dish Home, where I look after all operations across the company including the business and operational support systems.

Nitin: What do you see as the biggest challenge you’re currently facing?

Keshav: At the moment it really is a balancing act. The Pay-TV market is constantly evolving. Our end customers are demanding a blend of different services and offerings at different levels of pricing. This is a big challenge. Simultaneously, serving up a diverse array of content that appeals to and meets the preferences of our subscriber base, can prove to be quite the challenge. I would say however, the key challenge we face is piracy. In a market like Nepal there is a lot of pirated content being sold on the black market.

Nitin: How are you going about addressing these challenges? 

Keshav: In the short term, our plan is to expand our existing DTH platform, adding additional services and offerings in different bundles and packages. This is so subscribers can have a blend of services suited to their tastes and needs.

Our long-term strategy is to not only focus on enhancing our DTH service, but to look at launching other distribution methods such as OTT*. This will allow us to deliver tailor made and more personalised packages to our subscribers based on their preferences.

In terms of piracy, this is an ongoing challenge. We’re currently looking at a range of security systems and solutions to further the protect our content from pirates and ending up on the black market.


Nitin: How does Dish Home differentiate itself as a player in the Nepalese Pay-TV market? What are your main competitive strengths that you feel puts you ahead of your competitors?

Leading the market and being the largest satellite Pay-TV operator in Nepal, we feel we have certain obligations to our subscribers and the Nepalese Pay-TV industry.

To differentiate ourselves, we are constantly looking ahead, so that we’re ahead of the curve. We often look at more mature or developed Pay-TV markets and the significant trends impacting them. Following on from that, we look at what key insights and learning we can take on board, implementing those with the aim of developing a leading competitive advantage. For example, Dish Home led the market, in switching from an analogue platform to digital.

Furthermore, we’re constantly looking to improve our services offerings and products, such as launching OTT. Additionally, we’re doing improvements to our infrastructure and using systems such as ICX to deliver a great customer experience and make better business decisions.


Nitin: What makes Dish Home the preferred choice of Pay-TV in Nepal?

Keshav: We are the most reliable and trustworthy operator in Nepal. In comparison to other operators, our reach is country wide and available 99% of the time.
Our subscribers know that when buying a service or product from Dish Home you are guaranteed to receive a good product every time.


*Nitin Arora noted that ICX has OTT capability, and their existing platform is well placed to allow for this growth.