As we consider customer-centric technology companies that have grown exponentially over the last couple of decades (e.g. Google, Apple, Amazon), it’s clear that they recognise the importance of a DIGITAL STRATEGY.

They ensure that their customer relationship is at the heart of their business. They stay abreast of the industry trends; different social media platforms, smart phone technology, and understanding the expectation that customers demand everything NOW.

Customer Today

As competition intensifies in the cable and telecoms markets, today’s customer expects to be treated with ultimate care as they show a willingness to not only shop around but to vote with their wallet. Customers also demand transparency. They want to transact with authentic businesses that transparently respect them and their data. Retaining customer loyalty these days is more precarious now than ever before.

The need to LISTEN and understand the dynamics of the “customer” can mean the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE. Instant access to information, streamlining processes across all operational units and automation move to the FORE of your digital strategy.

Customers buying telecoms / TV services in today’s world demand more and expect world-class customer service on every engagement.  Frictionless omni-channel interactions that are reflective of your brand and build trust. Effective data management is key. When accurately and proactively analysed, this data helps ensure the business retains high levels of customer service (reducing churn) and helps devise the packages required to win new subscribers.


Five Key Expectations

If we review the 5 key expectations for today’s customer, we must therefore have an effective BSS solution sitting at the heart of the business to meet these demands





Fortunately, however, if a telecom or Pay-TV operator is locked into a tired and possibly cumbersome billing system, there are solutions available, which can address these FIVE key customer expectations, WITHOUT having to do a wholesale transformation to the “BACK-END” systems. With convergence at the fore of customer needs, systems are also converging to help operators navigate through these complex times.


At Hansen Technologies, our experts have helped numerous clients globally become the leading operator in their respective regions, using our “flag-ship” B/OSS solutions at the heart of their businesses.


Want to hear more about a specific example of how one of our customers achieved this?

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