No one is doing a last-minute Christmas dash saying, oh yeah, I need one more thing to balance out the gifts… I will just get a new billing software system! Clearly the right billing software is a significant decision. So, whilst it’s not a stocking stuffer, if a billing system is on your Christmas list here’s a guide to the top 5 criteria your billing platform must have:

Does it provide robust data management and decision-making power? Your core billing system must have the ability to capture accurate data and manage that data to perform predictive and drill-down analysis to monitor and analyse key performance indicators.

Is it compatible with your current systems? Good billing software should “play nice” with your current systems. Integration is key in making data flow seamlessly in an automated way.

Speed to market is critical. Will your new system make it easier in the future to launch new products and services to the market, create new packages? Even create convergent offerings?

Does it have flexible billing capabilities? We live in a digital age and the experience you offer your customers is critical. And after all you want your customers to be able to pay the way they want to.  The system’s flexibility and interoperability should enable positive billing experiences…. an ongoing customer is most often likely to interface with you through their billing activities.

Is it scalable? Your billing platform needs to be able to future proof your business and grow with you. It also must be compliant in the markets you operate in and be able to expand or pivot as your business does

And of course, do all the above while keeping data secure and privacy protected.

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