Good User Interface increases user productivity, requires less training and makes users happier.  

When it comes to UI, One size does NOT fit all


Part 2 Customer Digital Engagement: radical transformation for utility business.


Customer Digital Engagement


Security can’t ever go to sleep, and it never stands still.  Recently Scott Weir - CISO Hansen, shared some of his high-level thoughts about security at our North American Hansen Connect client event. 

Why we never feel secure about security


Part 1 Drivers Towards the Cloud: Insights into why a cloud approach is adding benefits to business.


Migration to the Cloud


Hansen ICX 2018 was released last quarter. It is the first release since the HansenCX re-branding and exemplifies Hansen’s commitment to Customer Experience.

What's new with the latest release of Hansen ICX

We sat down with Keshav Poudel, COO Dish Home Nepal and talked Pay-TV and delivering better experiences. 

Dish Home - Delivering better experiences


Energy and Utilities have been evolving to the point that rapid and continuous improvement is the norm. How do you approach change to benefit your organisation?

How do you approach change to deliver a powerful enabler to your business?


The future of energy can now be determined by advanced digital technologies that harness and analyze big data to better manage the demands of a changing industry. 

Why Data Predictive Analytics is key to Supplier success


How can utilities improve customer satisfaction by improving the user experience of their call centre software? 


User Experience for Enterprise Billing and Customer Care

The pace of change in energy, telco and media industries is increasing more than ever, with the evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.

Delivering Business Outcomes Faster using Agile

Vendor Spotlight Interview - Utility Market Connections sits down with John Baksa, HansenCX President Americas, to discuss needs of the utility end user. 

Hansen and the Utility End User

Leading executives have recognized that really moving the needle on customer satisfaction requires a more ambitious effort—a transformation of the entire customer experience.

What's your experience?

Guy Tennant (Hansen's CTO) explains why diversity leads to more choices, the components that make up a bridge to the smart-grid and Hansen’s acquisition based growth over the last twenty plus years.

Gearing up for Growth

Customer Experience can mean many things to many people, but the common theme when you think about your experience when dealing with a company is the same, “How did it make me feel?”.

Living & breathing the Customer Experience so it is Part Of Your DNA

Public Utilities Fortnightly’s Steve Mitnick sits down with John Baksa, President North America HansenCX.

Next Generation in Billing and Customer Care

Infographic detailing India-specific demographics are most affected by all these ARPU increasing initiatives.

The Winning Formula to Increase ARPU for Pay-TV Services - Infographic

The forecast for the Indian pay-TV ARPU is expected to increase by 10% for DTH and 12% for Cable. And so, the focus for a DTH operator in India has shifted to finding new ways to increase ARPU from its subscriber base.

The Winning Formula to Increase ARPU for Pay-TV Services - Part 2

India's pay-TV ARPU, or Average Revenue Per User, is among the lowest in the world. This is due to the pay-TV market being very crowded with many DTH and Cable operators and the government providing free DTH services.

The Winning Formula to Increase ARPU for Pay-TV Services - Part 1

Among all the electricity generation sources in the US, solar energy has had the fastest growth rate in the last decade with an average annual growth rate of 68%. Our thoughts on Community Solar in the US market.

Community Solar: Making clean power accessible

What are the 5 key expectations for today’s customer? How can an effective BSS solution sitting at the heart of the business provide world-class customer service they demand?

Putting BSS at the heart of your Digital Strategy

Hansen Connect North America 2017 was our first collective North America Customer Conference which took place in New York City in October last year. See what our clients had to say?

Hansen Connect – North America – 2017

As the new year begins, and the seasons festivities fade away we look back and think what was worth celebrating the year been?

New Year. New...Billing Software? Part 3

If a billing system is on your Christmas list here’s a guide to the top 5 criteria your billing platform must have.

Billing Software isn’t a stocking stuffer! Part 2

If you were to prepare your business Christmas wish list what would be on it?

All I want for Christmas is… new billing software? Part 1