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Hansen Cloud

Cloud Solutions to Increase Agility and Reduce Cost and Complexity

Hansen’s Create-Deliver-Engage Suite of software applications can be delivered as a cloud solution, shortening implementation time, reducing maintenance complexity and improving total cost of ownership. Now supporting many deployments across the globe, Hansen Cloud enables faster returns on software investments with the flexibility to support evolving business requirements, enabling energy, utilities and communications enterprises to focus on their core business rather than dedicating time and resources to managing systems availability.

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What Hansen Cloud Brings Your Business

Reduced TCO

Reduces hardware and software costs, complexity and maintenance requirements.

Increased Agility

Quicker returns on software investments with the flexibility to support changing business requirements.

Enhanced Value

Managed upgrades to new versions of Hansen’s Create-Deliver-Engage software applications.

Robust Platform

Underpinned by industry-leading infrastructure including Azure, AWS and Hansen facilities.

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