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To enable operational agility, Hansen offers hybrid cloud services to support specific customer computing requirements. The Hansen Hybrid Cloud environment blends on-premise and cloud resources along with unified management and orchestration tools to enable flexible data and application mobility. Hansen can deliver a solution drawing from a pool of resources that include on-premise, second generation Hansen Cloud, public cloud (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud), third-party service providers and SaaS applications.


Hansen Hybrid Cloud services give organisations operational and financial flexibility. It enables businesses to adjust CAPEX and OPEX infrastructure usage according to workload demand and data centre budget requirements. A true hybrid cloud environment also provides greater data protection options as well as additional use cases for data.

  • Leverage the reliability, efficiency and security of private cloud or Hansen Cloud
  • Blend the agility, simplicity and on-demand consumption of public cloud or Hansen Cloud
  • Capitalise on hybrid applications that take advantage of innovation across linked on-premise and public clouds

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