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Beyond the Traditional
Data Centre

Hansen’s Global Data Centre facilities offer a range of services and capabilities beyond those of a traditional data centre. With 24×7 on-site technical support, Hansen uses comprehensive monitoring and automated tools to deliver redundancy, manage environmental conditions and provide stability and security for client systems.

Hansen provides customers with a coordinated approach to the management of their computing hardware environment, including management of service provision by third parties. Hansen can manage on the client’s behalf telecommunications providers, utilities, facilities service providers and computing vendors.

Tailored to Client Needs

Hansen works with each client to plan, design, integrate, project manage and implement data centre solutions to meet specific business requirements and deliver coordinated management of hardware environments. Hansen looks to provide the following benefits:

  • Reliable and trusted management and protection of mission critical systems
  • Reduced risk from exposure to system failures arising from environmental factors
  • Reduced operating costs through shared infrastructure and services in the Hansen data centre environment
  • Service levels that would not be economically achievable by the client alone
  • Reliable and quality-assured service based on Hansen’s extensive local and international experience in data centre management.

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