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John Baksa


President, Americas Utilities

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Mike Cofer

Michael Cofer

Senior Vice President, Delivery

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As we move towards a decarbonized future, Hansen is working with companies like Hampshire Power to provide the mission critical software required to scale adoption of Community Solar. Through our back-end systems and operational expertise Hansen enables Hampshire Power to bring forth the next era of renewable energy.

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Hansen enables business expansion for Novel Energy solutions

Hansen has announced a new multi-year agreement with Novel Energy Solutions, Minnesota’s leading solar energy provider for businesses, municipalities, non-profit organisations and farmers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Novel Energy Solutions will be able to leverage all the benefits of Hansen’s Community Solar Solution. This entails a Novel-branded customer acquisition portal, customer & utility transaction management, dashboards and reporting suite.

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The distributed energy resource market is experiencing unprecedented activity. Forging the right partnerships is key to success, and leaders like Nautilus’ co-founder and co-CEO Jim Rice know this all too well. “At Nautilus Solar, we were attracted by Hansen’s proven ability to operate in the energy market at scale…Hansen stands apart through the breadth and depth of its expertise.”

Community Solar’s Moment in the Sun

Community Solar is now seen as a viable alternative for consumers and businesses that want renewable and affordable clean energy.

Creating and managing a Community Solar business is a big challenge as many new entrants and would-be providers struggle to quickly acquire subscribers to build revenue and long-term profitably.

Who can really help Community Solar businesses gain subscribers and drive revenue in this new and vibrant energy market? Hansen can.

Hansen for Community Solar

Take Away Operational Worry and Keep Control of Your Community Solar Business 

Hansen for Community Solar is a service that solves the solar asset management operational challenge and lack of business controls by quickly providing a foundation of systems, people and processes while ensuring the business has control of data, customer experience, brand and commercial strategy.

Hansen provides a package of the operational capabilities and experienced team members needed to get your business up and running quickly. This gives you access to the data you need to better serve customers while enhancing your brand and commercial position in the market.

Hansen People, Experience & Systems to Enable Your Community Solar Business

Hansen for Community Solar equips you to take on the most important processes of running a Community Solar business.

Customer Acquisition – Above all, Community Solar businesses need to gain new subscribers as efficiently as possible.  Hansen’s solution provides the people and systems to accelerate the sign-up processes so you can capture opportunities with certainty and precision. Read the Hansen POV on customer acquisition here.

Solar Project Management – Hansen for Community Solar gives you the tools to manage your relationships with utilities and subscribers, including automatic initial and subsequent allocations, monitoring of solar electricity allocated and generated and full management of communications with utilities.

Customer Management – Once subscribers are gained, a rewarding digital experience is bound to help them remain customers. Hansen gives solar businesses the customer engagement systems, processes and people to retain customers, including an experienced customer care team, omni-channel communication platform and a customisable customer self service portal so customers can help themselves in a digital setting.

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Advances in solar technology, an increase in federal and state tax incentives, and creative new financing models have made Community Solar projects more financially feasible for utilities. Hansen and industry experts discuss the role of Customer Information Systems that provide a high degree of customer experience and automated back-office processes to support Community Solar projects.

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