August 22, 2018

Helsinki, Finland  – To future proof its customer service and further strengthen its competitiveness, Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö Oy (PKS), one of Finland’s leading energy service companies has chosen to implement the EnoroCX customer information system. Together with the UtilyticsCX meter and energy data management system from the Hansen Technologies Group, PKS are maximising their data intelligence to further enhance their decision making. 

Serving their electricity retailer and DSO customers more efficiently, with personalized communication, PKS has signed a contract where UtilyticsCX Meter and Energy will be kicked off in autumn 2019. Then the combined CRM, customer service and billing system will commence in early 2020. UtilyticsCX Insight data analytics has already been implemented successfully by the business.

Hannu Roivas, CFO of PKS, said “We look forward to implementing a system, which is both innovative and at the same time proven-in-use, based on the international experience of the HansenCX and their huge installed base. This implementation will enable us to improve our customer satisfaction and further optimize our operational efficiency and profitability.”

Further he emphasized that the high reliability with guaranteed delivery time, a wide range of new functionalities, including the quite unique support of energy sales processes, and the continuous product updates were main reasons for choosing a solution from HansenCX.

“With this new agreement we have made a number of successful EnoroCX delivery contracts into the Finnish energy market within a relatively short period of time. Our customers’ evolving needs are at the center of our continuous product development activities. In fact, we are conferencing in Oslo next week with hundreds of our customers to listen to their needs and share our roadmap ahead”, said John May, President Hansen Technologies Group EMEA. He finished with a final note “We are very excited to expand our relationship with our long-standing customer PKS and we are eager to support them to take full advantage of digitalization.”


For interviews or more information, contact:

John May
President, EMEA Hansen Technologies Group
+44 7787 106655 


About Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö Oy (PKS)
PKS is one of Finland’s leading energy service companies that produces and develops energy services to help customers manage their own energy use and costs. With 250 employees PKS generates a group turnover of 105 million EUR.

About HansenCX, Hansen Technologies Group
HansenCX is a global leader in billing and customer care. With over 40 years’ experience, Hansen Technologies Group employs over 1000 experts, Hansen’s proven and scalable solutions as well as its innovative and flexible offerings, enable more than 500 clients to deliver cost-effective end-to-end business initiatives to improve their customers’ experience.
Hansen has offices throughout the world in Finland, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, China, Denmark, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, New York, Bethlehem, Hazleton, Columbia, Atlanta, Houston and Carlsbad in the USA servicing 100 million customers in over 80 countries around the world

About EnoroCX
EnoroCX Customer Information System is a service for utility billing and customer care. It enables utilities to better understand and communicate with their energy customers and offer new and personalized energy services. EnoroCX provides flexibility and cost-efficiency for optimal customer management. In addition, EnoroCX uses digital channels for customer engagement and self-service. EnoroCX is offered on software as a service (SaaS) model and it is a standard system for the utility industry that is optimized for scalability and flexibility supporting business needs in a pay-as-you-go model.

About UtilyticsCX
UtilyticsCX Suite is the complete Energy and Meter Data Management and Analytics solution. It’s a flexible, fully integrated package of next-generation automation and analytical tools designed specifically for the utility business. UtilyticsCX is offered in a subscription-based SaaS model. UtilyticsCX Meter and Energy provides future-proof model for meter and energy data management in preparation to Datahub-market and 15-minute balance settlement. UtilyticsCX Insight is a near real-time, continuously developed and productized service for energy companies, based on big data analytics with metering point data. Multiple energy companies have taken Insight into use to analyze their business and operational activities to improve their competitive edge


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