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Make customers your most valuable asset with Hansen CIS

21st-century energy, utility and water customers want unprecedented levels of transparency, accountability and experience from their utilities. As leading digital natives increasingly shape customer expectations, utilities are now facing growing pressure to create compelling customer experiences.

Hansen CIS is an energy customer information software suite for utilities undergoing a transformation to become tomorrow’s next-digital driven experience company. We believe in incremental innovation and co-development – the CIS suite is a result of years of collaboration and development with utilities worldwide.

As a complete billing and customer care application, Hansen CIS handles every aspect of the customer lifecycle, based on open architecture and standard technologies.

Essential Content

Hansen CIS architecture is based on standardized technology enhanced by a modular approach and open API library. Our suite is offered by various versions tailored for different regions and type of utilities securing regulatory compliance across the world. Hansen combines different modules from the Create-Deliver-Engage suite that fits customer needs and implements by configuration.

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hansen cis Delivers

Effortless customer journey

Having a single view of the customer is as important to the enterprise as the customer having a single view of the enterprise.

Operational efficiency through automated processes

Automation of business processes minimizes cost of operations, allowing for high precision, visibility and regulatory compliance.


The platform supports core business reliability and seamless expansion to new business. Transaction processing is extensively multi-threaded and performance optimized.

Ground-to-Cloud availability

Available on ground and in the cloud, our powerful solutions help Utilities deliver service excellence, speed to market and reduce cost-to-serve.

Reduced cost of operation

Combining best practice business process and modern technology, Hansen CIS provides an intuitive and efficient UI for CSRs and backoffice teams.

Ease of Integration

A range of standard integration options to consolidate interaction between the many disparate, mission-critical systems deployed in utilities today.

Replace customization with configurability

Designed with maximum configurability in mind, as modern utilities cannot wait for time-consuming and costly software customizations.

Dedicated editions for regulated and deregulated markets

Designed for a diverse variety of energy market models and business needs.

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