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Red Energy Goes Live with Hansen Technologies Energy Market Gateway for NSW Gas Market

June 21, 2016 – Hansen Technologies Limited announced today that Red Energy has gone live with its industry leading energy market gateway solution for the new NSW Gas NARG Hub, operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Participants in the Australian energy market are required to exchange customer information through a secure central hub. Red Energy, one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, were already users of Utilisoft for both the electricity and Victoria gas markets and have now adopted Utilisoft for NSW Gas.

Hansen’s Utilisoft GateKeeper and FlowTalk products were upgraded with several new features to meet the requirements of the NSW Gas market. New capabilities include an inbuilt ebXML adapter for encrypted communication and guaranteed delivery of transactions for all AEMO gas markets, a Reverse Proxy for more secure network connectivity, and a new FlowTalk NSW Gas module to manage the transactions and processes in the new market. Both products passed the technical certification process in the first round of industry testing in April 2016 which was followed by successful market go-live on 2 May 2016.

“We’ve been long-time users of Utilisoft for the electricity and Victorian gas markets. With our move into the NSW Gas market, we were confident that Hansen could deliver an industry compliant solution within our tight project timeframes.” said Red Energy CIO, Lucy Aston. “Our project team was pleased that Hansen’s products passed industry testing in the first round allowing us to prioritise our resources towards other project tasks.”

“Energy market participants need reliable, scalable and flexible connectivity to the market. This is a fundamental requirement for doing business in the Australian gas and electricity industry,” said Andrew Hansen, CEO of Hansen Technologies. “I’m very proud that our Utilisoft gateway has once again demonstrated the value of an off-the-shelf solution for energy market connectivity. We take care of the market mandated requirements for our energy retailer and distribution customers, allowing them to focus on their Customer Care and Billing responsibilities.”

About Red Energy

Owned by Snowy Hydro, Red Energy is an electricity retailer that has been serving the Australian market since 2004. Red Energy is based in Melbourne Australia and with a team of over 500 people they serve customers in the states of Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.