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Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage
for Energy, Utilities and water

Energy markets are changing from a system characterised by large, centralised resources to an advanced infrastructure with distributed and decarbonised resources. Turning personalised energy experience into new business opportunities is imperative for next generation energy and utility providers.

The Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage for Energy and Utilities suite is to designed to deliver the next experience while enabling energy and utilities to grow from new business models. Learn more about our suite of software applications for energy and utilities providers.


Commercial off the shelf Customer Care and Billing Lifecycle Management

Metered AMI, Calculations and Disseminating Event Management

Automated Energy Trading and Optimization

Commercial Product and Technical Service Catalog and Lifecycle Management with Hansen Catalog

Cross-market Omni-channel Quote and Order Capture

Business and Operational Data Analytics and Decisioning

Market Messaging and EDI Capabilities to Manage Transactional Data Communications

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Hansen empowers energy & utilities companies to better serve their customers through digital evolution. With a focus on a best-in-class customer experience, energy and utilities companies are empowered by Hansen with the digital technology and infrastructure to responsibly manage the resources vital to a sustainable future.  

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The digitalisation of the operations of North American utilities has gained a lot of recent attention but, as Hansen experts believe, “digital utilities” have been with us for a while. In this webinar, Hansen energy and utility experts explain what a digital utility is and what becoming a digital utility means in practice. Hansen experts also explore the trends of digitalisation specifically as they relate to process of modernising utility customer information systems and review examples of what utilities are doing to “go digital”.

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