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Provisioning Systems Ready For Their Day in the Sun

Provisioning systems are an essentially unheralded part of the communications service provider’s armoury. Essential to business, yes; but in a world focused on enabling digital customer experiences, they are largely seen as a background feature, rather than as part of the software environment capable of driving innovation and customer satisfaction. Now, as 5G and next-generation networks begin opening new opportunities for CSPs, that is changing and provisioning will find itself taking centre stage.

One of the standout takeaways in our Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook Second Edition research report – which is based on a survey of 150 leading CSPs around the world – is exactly how much importance is placed on effective fulfilment. A striking 86 per cent of respondents believe the way in which they deliver customer orders has a significant impact on net promoter score, with 81 per cent saying it is key to fulfilling the sales promise. 78 per cent say the more automated service fulfilment is, the more profitable their business can become.

With service providers seeing the importance – and value – in effective fulfilment, and 5G set to create opportunities for a new breed of services which will need to be delivered for customers, it seems an apt moment to introduce the new generation of Hansen Provision, which updates our proven provisioning platform to support the needs of CSPs both now and in the future, as they look to monetise new opportunities in consumer and B2B markets.

Hansen Provision Release 7.0 adopts a whole new, microservices-based, cloud-native architecture to provide unrivalled levels of flexibility and scalability. And there can be no doubt that cloud-native has become a key requirement for CSPs over the last couple of years, as they shift from deploying and maintaining on-premise systems to desiring a more flexible, solutions-driven approach.

Make no mistake: this is a new Hansen Provision which is built using the very latest technologies, to provide customers with capabilities which just weren’t possible in legacy platforms. But it comes from a company with decades of experience in provisioning, with products deployed by CSPs around the globe.

Of course, we’re maintaining the key features which make Hansen Provision the choice of more than 40 service providers worldwide. Its multi-service support enables service providers to deliver legacy and next-generation services quickly and efficiently, managing the complexity of the underlying networks. We also have the ability to connect to hundreds of network elements from different vendors off-the-shelf.

The early response to Hansen Provision Release 7.0 has exceeded our expectations. In particular we are very pleased to be working with a major new CSP customer in Latin America on a deployment which highlights how it is able to meet the needs of today’s digital service providers. For another view of Hansen Provision Release 7.0, take a look at this note from Ron Westfall from Futurum Research.

We’re excited by the new capabilities of Hansen Provision Release 7.0; by becoming cloud-native, we can not only meet CSPs’ requirements for robust provisioning today, but also meet their requirements for flexible and scalable platforms tomorrow.

Nishanth Rao,
Product Manager,
Hansen Provision