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You Won’t Admit It, But Your Order Fallout Rate Stinks

Along with another thing you may not want to acknowledge – that you continue to sink a significant amount of resources into traditional business and operational support applications and architectures with no end in sight. To make matters worse, your fallout rates never seem to improve, despite the promises made by traditional vendors.  Throw in…

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Dreams Can Come True: Catalog-driven 3.0 Architecture

These days you can’t be a business or operations support systems architect without embracing the notion of catalog-driven applications. The promise of catalog-driven architecture pushes all the right buttons for most of us – the notion that you can define something in one place and then reuse it many times is compelling. And it ought…

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The 4 Rules Digital Service Providers Should Live By

When I consider how far internet technology has come in the last 16 years, one thing rings true. I no longer wait on hold for hours to find out what’s wrong with my internet service. However, when it comes to how I manage my account and activities, the single easiest way for me to ensure…

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Order Management for Digital Services

The environment for communications service providers has changed forever. Consumers and businesses expect the order to activation (O2A) process for CSPs to mirror those of the likes of Amazon and Apple. Customers have no patience for failure in digital services – none whatsoever. So CSPs are under pressure to deliver complex, multi-faceted, and rapidly changing…

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Salesforce CRM now Enhanced with Hansen Catalog

In today’s fast moving digital environment, service providers need to bring new products, services, offers and promotions to market more often and more quickly than ever before to be able to attract and retain customers. This is true whether it’s the residential consumer market or the enterprise and business market. In fact, enterprises and business…

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True Catalog-Driven Order Management … Finally

For communication service providers, order fulfilment is at the heart of the business. Customer expectations are extremely high and service providers need to fulfil orders quickly and with the highest degree of accuracy. Today’s consumers and businesses alike want the ability to turn on new digital services instantly from any device, on any platform, over…

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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Homegrown Provisioning System

The growth of mobile and the increasing requirements for high-speed data has caused periods of hyper growth in some emerging markets. Service providers in these markets, including Latin America, Mexico, Africa, Eastern Europe, India and China, are seeing an increasing strain on their back-office infrastructure for ordering and provisioning new services. Many of these providers…

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Customisation vs. Configuration: What’s the Difference?

So, you want to roll out a new product and better compete with the over the top (OTT) players who are encroaching on your market share. You’re looking for, and you’re thinking a customized solution may best meet your unique needs. Think again. What you likely need is a solution that’s configured to meet your…

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