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Energy Managed Services

Hansen Energy Managed Services help retailers and community solar businesses reduce technology risks, minimise operational costs and accelerate customer experiences. Our complete set of services ensures that utilities always have the right capacity to scale as customer requirements change and new business opportunities rises. We work directly with our customers –producing transformative results and everlasting relationships. Experience has shown us that managed services can deliver significant benefits to energy retailers and solar developers, expediting their time to market.

What You CAN Get

Hansen Energy Managed Service provides a compliant “one stop shop” managed service to power today’s energy companies to become tomorrow’s next digitally driven experience companies. You will experience low start-up and operating costs, providing you with a direct competitive advantage in this low margin, volatile business. The service package can include:

Customer acquisition and On-boarding – Value-added inbound sales and fulfilment services and management of prospects to successfully enrol and renew customers

Customer Care – Full customer care support with all aspects of servicing customers, provided by a high quality, experienced customer care team.

Transaction Management – All aspects of enrolling customers, including interfaces with the distribution companies and appropriate third parties, allowing energy flow to start and stop when expected.

Billing – State-of-the-art complex billing service, ensuring all customers are invoiced correctly.

Cash Management and Collections – Tracking down lost or bad checks and follow up with customers to minimise accounts receivable and decrease debt.

Remittance – State-of-the-art cash management system processes customer payments while updating the accounts receivable balance through traditional and ePayment methods.

EDI – Electronic data interchange services to make communication with your energy business partners secure and reliable. Learn more.

Compliance and Reporting – Reporting on operations control and metrics for all critical services and management of regulatory changes and compliance as a service.

hansen Energy Managed Services Delivers

Increased sales revenue

See and analyze sales performance immediately to adjust sales strategies for product lines, offers, geographies and channels.

Optimised Liquidity

Low start-up and operating costs, providing direct competitive advantage in a low margin, volatile business.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Inform, empower and serve your customers in a personalised manner.

Scalability for Growth

Back office and customer front-end platform supports core business reliability and seamless expansion.

Lowered Operational Costs

The Hansen model provides you with predictability through our pay-as-you-need model.

Commercial Understanding

Get immediate and up-to-date reports at a granular level in any timeframe required.

Reduction of Regulatory Compliance Risks

Full control of operations and metric governance in all critical services.

From Ground to Cloud

Available on premise and in the cloud to deliver service excellence and reduce cost-to-serve.

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