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Hansen for Retail

In the future, distributed generation and new digital technologies will give utility customers the freedom to interact with a choice of competitive energy platforms that enable the exchange of energy, information and a range of additional services. The growing importance of customer centricity and the fact that consumers will expect a more seamless user experience, are reflected in the flurry of recent strategic moves by leading companies across the world.

Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage suite is a software suite for retailers undergoing a transformation to become tomorrow’s next-digital driven experience company.

Power the Next:
Simple recipe for future growth

Energy markets are rapidly moving from a system characterized by large, centralized resources with one-way flows of energy and information, to an advanced grid market with distributed, decentralized, decarbonized resources with two-way flows of energy and resources. At Hansen, we talk about this as the Energy Transition.  For energy retailers, Hansen see 4 key areas for business focus captured in the concept of 4 Cs:

  • Cost to Serve
    Make your enterprise products available on ground and in the cloud. Hansen delivery models strive for small, frequent upgrades to lower risk and TCO.
  • Create new product and services
    Hansen offers services and resources that manage products from cradle to end of life.
  • Customer experience
    Hansen empowers end customers with account information and self-service tools, allowing Retailers to promote customer choice.
  • Channels and partnerships
    Hansen provides standard integration options to consolidate interaction between the many disparate, mission-critical systems. Modernized integrations are paramount to assuring harmony among a portfolio of purpose focused, best-of-breed applications.

Essential Content

Hansen for ENERGY Retailers

In this Solution brief you will learn about:

  • The concept of 4 Cs — A description of what Cost to Serve, Creating new product and services, Customer experience and Channels and partnerships contributes to Retailers future business strategy
  • Research — Examples of research underpinning the importance of digital service offerings and of using billing capabilities as a business strategy enabler.
  • Guidelines for a competitive retailer — Hansen guideline approach comes from working with leading retailers worldwide. Most of our hundreds of retailer clients compete in deregulated markets.

Read the brief, read the Hansen POV, or book a demo to learn more about Hansen Retail. 
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