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The Energy Transition Opportunity

The Energy Evolution will provide market participants with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. As it continues to reshape the energy sector, agile utilities will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise and capture value wherever it emerges, in the new energy world.

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Energy Transition:
The Challenges and Opportunities for the Industry

Technological evolution and customer preferences are driving a second era of disruptive models. These new models are characterised by the emergence of micro markets within the energy sector — solar panels, EVs, batteries, e-mobility — and the demand of individual customers to be in control of their energy sources and consumption through advanced technology.

Digital technologies have been helping the energy system for decades, but we are finding a greater pace of adaption. The potential for decentralised flexibility sources to help maintain a reliable electricity system has caught the attention of policy makers, regulatory bodies and industry groups worldwide.

Hansen categorise the drivers of the Energy Transition into 4 Ds; Decarbonisation, Deregulation, Distributed Energy Resources, Digitalisation.

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How Energy Retailers
can succeed

Digital challengers are disrupting the Retail Energy market. New players are using their high-efficiency, lean organisations and low-cost structures to offer personalised products and services.

Learn more about the impact of Energy Transition on Energy Retailers, and download our ‘Future of Retail’ guide to explore how together we can address ways to win the new digital native energy customer.


DSOs – at the very
Heart of the Transition

In today’s era of the insatiable ‘chargeable-life’ and growth of distributed energy resources, traditional DSOs realise the importance of customer engagement. With the right framework and business model, DSOs can enable the Transition and guarantee network stability and market flexibility. The game is changing to become decentralised and empowered by customers.

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