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The Energy Transition provides market participants with unprecedented challenges and opportunitiesAs it reshapes the energy sector, agile and digitalised utilities will be in the best position to take advantage of the opportunities that arise and capture value wherever it emerges in the new energy world.

Energy Transition Part 1
The Challenges and Opportunities for the Industry

Technological evolution and customer preferences are driving a second era of disruptive models. These new models are characterised by the emergence of micro-markets within the energy sector — solar panels, EVs, batteries, e-mobility — and the demand of individual customers to be in control of their energy sources and consumption through advanced technology.

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Energy Transition Part 2
How Distributed Energy Resources Change Business Operations

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is big and growing fast, affecting a significant alteration to the heretofore slow-moving energy industry. The increase in DER is the result of the rapid shift from a system characterised by large, centralised resources with one-way flows of energy and information to an advanced grid market with distributed, decentralised, decarbonised resources with two-way flows of energy and information.

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Energy Transition Part 3
Priorities for Change-Hansen Solutions for the Energy Transition

Business model re-design as a response to the conditions of the Energy Transition is accelerating with the increasing speed of technology advancement. Energy companies are busy doing their research, looking into how they need to change and adapt. But how do they prioritise? What areas should they look at changing first?

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