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The increased focus on distributed energy resources (DER) fundamentally alters how we produce, use and store electricity. Utilities should think about the return of investing into advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to leverage the business opportunities. With the deployment of AMIs, Utilities will need the right solution to help unlock the value within the flood of data to simplify management and optimise processes.

Hansen MDM (meter data management) brings benefits to the entire utility value chain – from smart device roll-out management to energy logistics, energy business, billing and value-added customer related services. Provided as a ground-to-cloud solution, companies are able to run their operations aligned to their preferred business model.

Hansen MDM transforms how you run your business in a manner that allows you to balance legacy and future advancements.

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Every energy experience starts with the consumption or prosumer generation of power to the grid. Essentially, these values need to be measured, validated and shared across the various infrastructure stakeholders. Hansen MDM operates in the most advanced markets from the Nordics to Australia, ensuring that customers receive correct invoices and integration of metering services in the smart grid infrastructure.

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Intelligent Management for Smart Meters

Advanced solutions for efficient processing of large volumes of smart metering data.

Reduced time to market

Centralised management of the complete energy supply chain from procurement and storage deliveries to production and consumption.

Flexible billing engine

Flexible generating of billing data for all customers, including full support for new products with dynamic and complex pricing.

Automated processes

Automated balance settlement for all market parties for high-performance allocation, reconciliation and imbalance settlement processes.

Innovation at the edge of the grid

Accurate view of total energy consumption, enhancing network operation by increasing grid efficiency.

Works with Hansen Insight

Hansen MDM can be fully integrated with our comprehensive meter data analytics solution – Hansen Insight.

Operational Intelligence

See order and delivery issues that affect product experience for groups or individual customers to remedy.

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