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Hansen CIS – BannerCX, part of the Hansen CIS product family, enables North American utilities and municipalities to manage the full customer service and revenue lifecycle for electricity, gas and water services.

The BannerCX cloud solution (SaaS) offers municipalities the assurance of having a reliable, secure billing/CIS solution that improves efficiency while maximising the value of data with clean, accurate and meaningful information.

The solution offers convenience and ease of use to streamline and coordinate billing operations with a secure, low cost of ownership that can easily and seamlessly scale as you grow. It eliminates the need for expensive hardware purchases while taking advantage of the latest secure technology maintained by Hansen, reducing operational risk.

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Hansen CIS – BannerCX delivers


APIs for payment vendor solutions


CSR workflow optimisation

Reports and analysis

Powerful BI and extensive reporting


Rapid cloud deployment

Workforce management

Tight integration to workforce management for real-time updates on status orders

Automated updates

Automated software updates to save resources, time and money

Integration framework

Web-service based integration framework

Engage the customer

Improved customer engagement through portals and mobile apps

Tailored to the Needs of North American Regulated Energy Providers

The Hansen CIS – BannerCX customer service representative interface is metadata-driven, dynamic, streamlined and configurable to enable efficient workflows, simplifying previously complex and time-consuming customer service processes such as move-in/move-out, transfer and bill queries.

Advanced business intelligence offers robust operational and executive level customised reports to deliver information quickly and graphically. It also offers reporting flexibility by shifting focus from static predefined system reports to a configurable framework, supporting ad-hoc reports, KPIs and executive dashboards.

The Hansen Integration Framework provides a robust web services catalog for streamlined integrations with best of breed third-party applications or an Enterprise Service Bus. BannerCX includes HIF application program interfaces for customer mobile and payment vendor solutions.

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